Sonntag, 22. September 2013 (ab 16 Uhr):
FLAMBIENT Release Party

Unter dem Namen Microphase hat Niko Tzoukmanis seine erste Solo-CD „Hope is the Sister of Despair“ auf dem eigenen neuen Label Flambient veröffentlicht, auf welchem den Einflüssen von UK Electronica und Detroit Techno gehuldigt wird. Auf der Release-Party wird er von Lin Hillmer an den Decks sowie live von Marc Nothelfer und Dr. Atomic unterstützt. Ebenso wird er seine eigenen Tracks live performen.
„On his debut solo album „Hope Is The Sister Of Despair“ under the alias Microphase, Niko Tzoukmanis clearly confesses his roots in 90s ambient techno, UK electronica as well as the techno sound of Detroit. He creates unique sound spheres and melodies that won’t leave the ear canal after repeated listens. „Lost In Space“ is a very epic track which lives up to its title and takes enough time to build up a tension that is penetrated by breathtaking dystopian sounds. „Shining Star“ is another highlight that is dedicated to the melodic Detroit sound without using a kick drum. The blissful „Relief“ has a stunning melody and harmonies, while „Free Hugs“ turns toward the pure beauty of sound. „The End“ has a slightly tragical tone and closes a coherent and harmonic album.
Flambient was established in 2013 by Niko Tzoukmanis in order to share his vision of melodic and moving Ambient music inspired by Detroit techno and 90s UK Electronica.“

Beginn ab 16 Uhr!!

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