Mittwoch, 8.6.2016 (ab 21 Uhr): THE HILLS MOVER (BE) & EAMON MC GRATH (Canada)

Ein echter Waggon-Veteran! Seit 2009 spielt EAMON MCGRATH regelmäßig solo oder mit einer seiner zahlreichen Bands im Waggon und auch heute schaut er gemeinsam mit seinem Kollegen THE HILLS MOVER zu einem Abend voller akustischer Folk-Eskapaden bei uns rein!

Eamon McGrath has done at the age of 27 what some artists twice his age could never dream of doing: two dozen albums‘ worth of material, countless Canadian, UK, and European tours, a stint in Daniel Johnston and Julie Doiron’s backing bands, and stories upon stories which are now woven into the poetic and heartbreaking lyrics of his songs.

Barely a semester after his debut EP “Dead Notes” (May 2015), Grégoire Fray – under the moniker The Hills Mover – returns with “Winter Shades”. A collection of three songs about heart break(s), health issues and his considerations about taking (or not) radical action to change the world. Dry acoustic guitar, distant synth waves, snaking clarinet and ethereal voices: that’s all he needs.

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