Freitag, 14. Februar 2020 (ab 21:00 Uhr):

Die erste Waggon-Veranstaltung in 2020 -, knapp 2 Wochen, bevor wir wieder regulär öffnen!
Der französische Muli-Instrumentalist Marc Euvrie erschafft mittels Elektronik, Cello, Gitarre und seiner Stimme epische Klanggemälde zwischen Electronic, Post-Rock, Industrial und klassischer Musik!
Between Electronic, Post-rock, Industrial, Classic.
Three records on Denovali records, well-known label in Europ for avant-garde electronic and experimental music, as well as some tours and festivals (Dunk! Festival, Denovali Swingfest, Doom over Leipzig Festival, etc..) in Europ. Solo project of the muli-instrumentalist Marc Euvrie (Electronic, Cello, Piano, Guitar) and musician in some bands like Sugartown Cabaret, Karysun, Aussitôt mort. Influences are wide, between Godpseed you! Black Emperor, Chopin, DJ Shadow, Third Eye Foundation, Portishead, Debussy or Neurosis, it swings into calm, aerial parts made on guitar, cello and samples loops and epic heights, that goes through post-hardcore, post-rock, as well as a darkness inspired of industrial/goth music. An other face of personnality came up under a record called „Acoustic“, which is made only with Cello and Piano as the title said, for fans of Max Richter, Philip Glass and Yann Tiersen. The eye of time shared stage with bands like Year of no light, Ben frost, Thee silver mount zion, Cult of Luna, Amen Ra, Caspian, Tesa, Esben and the witch, etc…

THE EYE OF TIME - My dreams are dead, but I will reborn them with dirt, stones and ancient spells

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