Mittwoch, 17. April 2013, ab 21 Uhr:

FOXOUT! – das ist die Veredelung elektroakustischer Kunstmusik: Gitarren- und Geigenmelodien sowie allerhand elektronische Klänge treffen auf eine aufregende Sammlung von tape-loops und fied recordings. Unterstützt werden FOXOUT! vom ähnlich klingenden ABSENT WARRIOR aus England – und einem lokalen Überraschungs-Act: ATMO TAPES 98 aus Offenbach. ATMO TAPES 98 ist ein experimentelles Kassetten-Projekt von torstn Kauke (einem der Betreiber des Waggon Offenbach).
FOXOUT! – electroacoustic art-music with tape loops, contact mic’d objects, guitar and violin.
Jeremy Young (aka szilárd) is teaming up with Daniel Merrill (Dead Rat Orchestra) for a trek across the UK and Europe on behalf of their new collaborative project FOXOUT! Guitar melodically dances with the violin and a whirlwind of electronic textures serve to cool down the warmth of Young’s arsenal of tape loops. This is melodic composition meets extended improvised landscapes of shifting tonal structures meets soundpoetry. This is the debut tour for this project, they are recording but no music has been made public as of yet.

ABSENT WARRIOR, Jeremy Young’s label-mate and collaborator in Sontag Shogun will come on tour, supporting all dates.

Local Support act will be ATMO TAPES 98 from Offenbach.
ATMO TAPES 98 is an experimental cassette project by torstn Kauke (one of the operators of Waggon Offenbach).

Atmo Tapes 98

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