Donnerstag, 3. März 2016 (ab 21 Uhr):

It’s the End of the Winterpause!
Und die Waggon-Saison 2016 eröffnen wir gleich mit einem Konzert-Leckerbissen! Geisterhaft düsterer Neo-Folk mit TOBY DRIVER – dem Frontmann von KAYO DOT (und Bassist der SECRET CHIEFS 3)!
Toby Driver has managed to stay outside of strict genre boundaries for the entirety of his career. Driver is best known as the front-man and mastermind of the avant-goth band, Kayo Dot (ex-maudlin of the Well), and bassist of the Pythagorean prog wizards, Secret Chiefs 3 (ex-Mr. Bungle). In the past decade, he has masterfully explored the limitlessness of music, from weird metal to beautiful post-rock, from austere ballads to tripped-out 70s fusion and beyond, working alongside the likes of modern geniuses such as John Zorn, Trey Spruance (ex-Mr. Bungle, Faith No More), Mario Diaz de Leon (Oneirogen), and Jeremiah Cymerman.
As a solo performer, on guitar, keyboard, and voice, Driver has been exploring dark, austere neo-folk, akin to Grouper, Michael Gira, Wooden Wand, and others, with a subtle progressive and unsettling edge. On this tour Driver will be joined by Keith Abrams (Kayo Dot) on drums and Nick Hudson (Academy of Sun) on organ.

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